Photo stories this week

Feral cat program a success
The Trap Neuter Return (TNR) program conducted by the City of Yuma late last week was a success. With the help of Metro Denver Cat and Animal Assistance Foundation, Tom Parks, and Prairie Winds Veterinary Clinic, LLC the initial phase of the TNR program resulted in 45 feral cats being humanely trapped and neutered/spayed. The City looks forward to continuing this vital program for the feral cat community and the residents of the City of Yuma. One can find more pictures and video on the City of Yuma Facebook page.

Slippery when icy
The bus carrying the Arickaree/Woodlin basketball team to the Class 1A District 5 quarterfinals early last week ended up sliding partially off the road in the area

Photo by Dave Gustafson
of Highway 61 and County Road 54 in Washington County, and could not get back on due to icy conditions. There were no injuries. The passengers were off-loaded and transported by another bus. The bus currently is in Yuma for a safety inspection.