Pool opened Monday, then closed, then reopened Thursday

The Yuma pool staffer who was tested for COVID-19 on Monday after showing symptoms, did not work at the pool that day. The test result came back negative Wednesday, and the city announced the pool would reopen Thursday, June 18.

The pool opened for the first time this year on Monday, having a swim time for the vulnerable population early in the day, followed by two separate two-hour open swim sessions, which were well attended.
However, the city announced later Monday on Facebook that it had been informed one of the pool staff members had been tested for COVID-19. Again, that person did not work on Monday.
The city announced that under guidance of the Northeast Colorado Health Department, as a precaution, the pool will be closed until the test result comes back.
The pool was thoroughly sanitized before, during and after each session.
Employees wear masks and the money handler wears glovers. Staff members also go through daily health checks. The concession stand is not open. Hand sanitizer is readily available for everyone.
Disinfecting efforts before and after each session includes bathrooms, door handles, counters, pool deck chairs, pool handles, water slides sides and handles, drinking fountain, and pool toys such as basketballs, volleyballs and water noodles.