Coaching assignments set

Assignments for returning coaches for the 2020-21 school year were approved by the Yuma School District-1 Board of Education, Monday night during its regular monthly meeting.
The list was split into district employees and non-district employees who coach. We will just break it down into sports, beginning the fall.

Yuma High School
Cheer — Stefanie Cheshire, head coach; Ruth Olivas, volunteer.
Football — Kelly Seward, head coach; Rory Lynch, assistant; Dirk Barry, assistant; Jonathan Ferrari, assistant; Caleb Metzler, volunteer; Michael Baucke, volunteer; Davin Doyle, volunteer.
Volleyball — Jenny Noble, head coach; Jamie Robinson, assistant; Jamie Nighswonger, assistant.
Softball — Morgan Spencer, head coach.
Cross Country — Robert Zahller, head coach; Benjamin Inouye, assistant.
Boys Golf — Benjamin Weathers, head coach; Zach Chapman, assistant.
Wrestling — CJ Leonhardt, assistant; Brandon Newton, assistant; Tyler Korf, volunteer; Annsley Ferrari, volunteer girls. (Kyle Newton was hired earlier as the new head coach.)
Girls Basketball — Liz Karabell, assistant; Kellie Seward, assistant; Justin Coughlin, volunteer. (Jeremy Robinson was hired earlier as the new head coach.)
Boys Basketball — Dave Sheffield, head coach; Josh Rahe, assistant; JP Carwin, assistant; Larry Winger, volunteer; Jared Coughlin, volunteer.
Baseball — Brady Nighswonger, head coach; Kyle Sprouse, assistant; Kelby Andrews, volunteer; Jordan Sprouse, volunteer.
Track and Field — Lucas Lubbers, head coach; Benjamin Inouye, volunteer practice coach; Kristin Metcalfe, assistant; Jim Powell, assistant; Jerry Lebsack, assistant; Jack Lubbers, volunteer.
Girls Golf — Jenny Noble, head coach.

Yuma Middle School
Football — Joe Oss, head coach; JP Carwin, assistant; Brett Moser, assistant; CJ Leonhardt, assistant.
Volleyball — Kali Trejo, head coach; Casie Baucke, assistant.
Boys Basketball — Dave Sheffield, eighth grade head coach; Josh Rahe, seventh grade head coach.
Wrestling — Ben Inouye, head coach; Brendy Allen, assistant; Jaden Blach, assistant.
Girls Basketball — Mollie Coughlin, eighth grade head coach; Nolan Bohm, seventh grade head coach; Chad Rayl, assistant.
Track and Field — JP Carwin, head coach; Brett Moser, assistant; Joe Oss, assistant; Morgan Spencer, assistant; Kristy Rutledge, volunteer practice coach.