Reopening means a lot of work

City staffers are spending a considerable amount of time sanitizing so public facilities such as the parks and the swimming pools can be open.

The pool opened last Monday, June 15, but was closed Tuesday and Wednesday that a staff member — who did not work that Monday — had been tested for COVID after feeling ill. The test came back negative, and the pool reopened last Thursday, June 18, and has continued in operation.

City staffers clean the pool after the final swim session on Monday. (Pioneer Photo)

Pool employees spend considerable time sanitizing between each swim session, and at the end of the day, cleaning all high-touch areas, along with pool toys, and inside the restrooms and the main entrance area.
Yuma opened its city parks late last week.
In the first few days, the Parks staff have figured out it takes about three hours each day to sanitize the playground equipment at the three parks, along with the bathrooms at City Park.
The Parks and Recreation crew is using the Gator with a 25-gallon sprayer in the back, going from park to park. The sprayer contains a recommended disinfectant solution of 64 ounces of bleach to 25 gallons of water, per the recommendations of the CDPHE Environmental Cleaning Guidance of COVID-19. It is used to spray down the playground equipment each day.
The playground sanitizing also will be done on the weekends.