Shyla enjoying ride as Yuma County Fair Queen

To be Queen for a year is full of tiaras, glitter, hair dips and adventure. Of course most of the glitter and fancy hair dips were for a horse named Rocky, but Queen Shyla did get to wear a tiara as a hat band to many rodeo parades and functions this year.
Shyla Hatch is the 2023 Yuma County Fair Queen.

Shyla has lived in Yuma County her whole life. She grew up in Wray, Colorado. Shayla has always been involved in agriculture, cattle, and horses. She also participated in the 4-H program. Shyla recently completed her associates degree at Northeastern Junior College.
Shyla and her horses have been traveling all over the state of Colorado.
In June she was in Elizabeth, Colorado, Grover, Colorado, then Arapahoe County. She also travelled to Cheyenne Frontier Days for brunch.

Yuma County Fair Queen Shyla Hatch and Lady-in-Waiting Jordlynn Wiltfang are pictured above at Cheyenne Frontier Days. (Courtesy Photo)

In most locations she participated in the grand entrance to the arena, carried flags and rode in several parades representing Yuma County.
Traveling with a horse and trailer is not always full of glitter and tiaras though. There is also a great deal of work involved.
Shyla must pack for herself and horses. She has two that have both performed at rodeo events, Rocky and Hayspot.
Packing for horses means bringing their food, water, grooming supplies, and tack. She must keep her trailer clean and maintained and stay on top of the health of her horses. She has been grateful to the Yuma County Fair Queen horse sponsor Twin Forks Clinic for all their help keeping her horses healthy.
Shyla has enjoyed being a part of the rodeo community and very much appreciated all the help she has been given along the way. “It’s been fun!”