County asks to keep irrigation end guns from spraying dirt roads

From the Yuma County Commissioners
This summer, we would like to remind producers of the importance of preventing your pivot’s end guns from spraying onto County roads.
Excess water on roads is a safety concern. When driving down a dry road, hitting a sudden wet patch from an end gun spraying water onto that road can cause drivers to lose control of their vehicles. Visibility is also reduced when motorists drive through a spraying end gun.

In addition to safety concerns, allowing end guns to spray onto County roads is damaging to the infrastructure. When gravel and base stabilized roads are consistently soaked in the same spots, potholes, ruts, and soft spots are created, resulting in damage, especially when they are subjected to heavy traffic. They will then require more than regular grading as they must be dried out and rebuilt. It can cost thousands of dollars to repair a section of damaged road. Water on paved roads also causes extensive damage, as it can penetrate and deteriorate the pavement’s subgrade, another costly fix.
We ask that you monitor your pivots when they are near roads, especially when it’s windy. With your cooperation, we can reduce costly damage and keep our road network safe for everyone.