Vaccination requirement includes YDHC and THH

Yuma District Hospital and Clinics, and The Harmony Home, are among the facilities now required to have all their employees vaccinated, per a new state order.

The State Board of Health this past Monday, August 30, approved emergency rules requiring vaccination for staff in licensed healthcare settings. The Board met to consider a request from Governor Polis to implement rules requiring licensed healthcare facilities to mandate their personnel β€” including employees, direct contractors, and support staff β€” who interact with individuals seeking medical care to receive the COVID-19 vaccine.
Additionally, the state of Colorado is requiring the COVID-19 vaccine for employees working in state-run 24/7 health care facilities and interacting with vulnerable patients. The state has also implemented a policy requiring all state employees to verify their vaccination status by September 20 or submit to twice-weekly testing.
A press release from the state noted: β€œAt this time, approximately 30 percent of the healthcare workforce remain unvaccinated. With the rise in the delta variant and increased stress on the healthcare system, ensuring that all workers in licensed healthcare facilities are vaccinated is one of the most effective means the state can take to protect the public health, safety, and welfare of the most at-risk Coloradans and end this ongoing pandemic.”
YDCH reported that at least 70 percent of its staff already has been vaccinated. CEO Beth Saxton said the medical staff and leadership team were working on providing additional education and information on the ruling to the staff, while getting its policies and processes in place.
Harmony Home owner Kendall Rubottom confirmed the assisted living facility falls under the order. She said in an email Tuesday that she was in the process of working with staff on the requirement, including education about the vaccines, and would have more information later in the week.