Weaver throws hat into commissioners race

Scott Weaver of Wray is announcing his candidacy for Yuma County Commissioner District No. 2 in the upcoming 2020 elections.
He is running for the Republican nomination. He is the third to throw his hat into the ring for the District No. 2 seat, the others being Democrat incumbent Dean Wingfield and fellow Republican Chris Wood.

Weaver has been in the Yuma County area for six years now. An exciting new job with EZ Irrigation brought him here as sales and service tech, servicing Zimmatic sprinkler systems all over Yuma County. While working closely with the area farmers, Weaver gained respect for the way of life that the Yuma residents have grown to love. Weaver came to the area from the Front Range, hoping to find peace and quiet, but he found something else.
“I found my home,” he says with a smile. During the last 3 ½ years, Weaver built, and now manages, the dehydration plant for Cornerstone Production Company Inc. in Wray.
Weaver doesn’t let much grass grow under his feet. Along with his full-time job, he has taken a great interest in local government, starting with an appointment from the County Commissioners in 2016 to serve on the Yuma County Planning Commission. In this position, Weaver helps give shape to land use codes and evaluate projects coming into our area. In November of 2017, Weaver was elected to the Wray City Council and is currently serving the third year of a four-year term. Included with the position of Wray City Council, Weaver was also appointed to the Yuma County Landfill Board and the Yuma County Water Authority. He is currently serving his third year on each of these boards. Beginning in February, Weaver will begin an appointment on the Yuma County Economic Development Board. Having owned his own businesses before coming to eastern Colorado, Weaver is passionate to do his part in both bringing new businesses to the area and helping existing businesses with ideas that will allow them to thrive. Through this appointment, Weaver says he is also very excited about working with all his constituents in finding solutions for affordable housing.
Yuma County will face several challenges during the next decade, and Weaver believes that one of the more pressing challenges is our roads. Weaver has an extensive background in road building and gravel pit operations. He hopes to bring that experience and his management skills to the table, helping to create strategic and solid solutions in improving our county roads.
The landfill is another one of the challenges that Weaver is looking forward to. It is going to take an outside-the-box approach and forward thinking to maneuver through this challenge, one that Weaver is anxious to get started on.
Over the last several months, Weaver has been attending most of the Yuma County Commissioner meetings, and he plans to continue attending each meeting, right up to the point that he is elected. By doing this, he feels he is bringing himself up to speed on all the current issues and concerns of Yuma County. Weaver said he is paying close attention to how all the departments are being operated in relation with the County Commissioners. Through these meetings, he is getting a good snapshot of the entire county budget, and the budgets of each department. Weaver firmly believes that attending these meetings now is critical to his success in the future as County Commissioner. Following his election, he hopes to be able to hit the ground running, rather than take his first few months as Commissioner to get up to speed with what is happening within the county.
Weaver has the utmost respect for the current Commissioners and is looking forward to working alongside them. That being said, he also thinks it is time for a new face and new outlook coming from District No. 2. Weaver has said many times that he does not have a specific agenda. He just feels that it is his time to take his experiences and put them to work for his home, his community, and for you.
If elected as the Republican candidate for Yuma County Commissioner District No. 2 in November 2020, Scott Weaver will be your ears and your voice.
To contact Scott Weaver you can reach him at 970-630-7611 (call or text), [email protected] or at https://www.facebook.com/ScottWeaver2020.