YHS announces rules for attending home football games

Yuma High School football fans wanting to attend the Indians’ home games will have to get a ticket from a player, cheerleader or their coaches, according to the protocols put out by the school earlier this week.
However, all games will be streamed on the NFHS network, produced by Yuma High School. One can subscribe to Yuma High School as your home school to see all aired events.

First off, the Indians open the season Monday night at Limon. That school is allowing only two people per player to attend. The students are using a Google form of who they want to have those tickets.
As for Yuma’s home games, the first being October 17 against Platte Canyon, both teams will be allowed a maximum of 250 spectators.
Yuma’s will be on the west side of the field, and the visitors on the east side. The two teams’ are not to intermingle.
Each YHS football player, coach, cheerleader and cheerleading coach, are responsible for reserving their limited number of tickets weekly. Students and coaches will reserve tickets through a Google form.
Players are being asked to use their tickets on their immediate household members. If families choose not to use them on immediate family members, players and coaches may designate them to people they feel will fill the limited seats.
The players, cheerleaders and coaches will be presented with wrist bands from the YHS office after the Google form has been completed. Wrist bands and facial coverings must be presented to the gate worker, along with payment at the gate, for entry into the event. Ticket costs are $4 for students/senior citizens, $6 for adults.
Yuma fans will use the north side of the parking lot and enter the main gate by the ticket booth.
Visiting fans will park on the south side of the parking lot, and will enter by the baseball dugout to walk along the south side of the track to the east bleachers.
Both group of fans will use the main concession stand, the Yuma fans using the north window, and the visiting fans the south window.
Yuma fans will use the main restroom facility, while port-a-potties will be available near the visiting seating.
There will be limited handicap parking available for fans of either team on the home side. One must present a handicap parking pass to be granted access to those spaces.
Only the players, coaches and the chain gang will get to be on the sidelines.
Yuma cheerleaders will be behind the north end zone, and visiting cheerleaders behind the south end zone.
The same goes for media. All members of the home media must remain in the north end zone, and visiting media in the south end zone.
As for masks, well, they are required for the duration of the event. The YHS administration asks the public to please don’t make it an issue; it is a CHSAA requirement and is an expectation.
Failure to do so may result in a request for you to leave the premises. “Everyone is here for the kids and to cheer on their team, please be respectful of the rules, social distance requirement and general sportsmanship among the two teams.”