Yuma-1 board extends Chrisman’s contract

The “final” 2019-20 budget for the Yuma School District-1 was approved last June bur the real final budget approval took place Monday night during the Yuma-1 Board of Education’s regular monthly meeting. (The board held a budget workshop prior to the regular meeting.)

Officially known as the “Change/Review Budget” as dictated by the state, the board unanimously approved the revised appropriation resolution. (The budget is a working document until the official enrollment count is finalized in October, which then sets actual state equalization funding.)
The board approved a final appropriation of $19.1 million.
That includes $6.074 million in the beginning fund, along with $9.31 million in the General Fund, for a total of $15.4 million.
As for revenue, local sources account for $3.56 million, state for $6.42 million, and $241,569 in federal money. The Bond Redemption Fund has $2.16 million, the Capital Reserve Capital Projects Fund $837,693, Food Service Fund $383,452, and Pupil Activity Agency Fund $322,338.
While we are on the fun financial news, the board also unanimously approved a resolution regarding the Bond Redemption Fund. It had been determined previously there was more than enough in the fund’s reserves (beginning fund balance).
Therefore, the board approved spending $150,000 out of those reserves for the payment of the debt. The district will revisit it again next year, and will authorize another paydown, so long as it does not result in an ongoing deficit. The district is able to certify a lower mill levy, thus saving taxpayers’ money, by using reserves to help pay down the debt.

Superintendent extended
The board met in executive session for more than 90 minutes to discuss the superintendent evaluation.
When they finally returned to open meeting, the board members approved extending Chrisman’s contract through June 30, 2023, pending attorney review.

More meeting
• Due to Colorado’s minimum wage increasing to $12 per hour, the board approved raising the daily rate for a substitute from $85 per day to $90.
• It was Yuma-1’s turn for a random audit concerning PERA for the year ending December 31. 2018. The Independent Accounts Report showed the district was in compliance with all revised state statutes. The board unanimously approved the report.
• Chrisman presented two 2020-21 calendars to the board, informing board members it will be before them for approval at the February meeting. Both feature a condensed schedule due to the facilities project, with an August 31, 2020 starting date and May 14, 2021 ending date, as well as 161 student/teacher contact days and 179 teacher days, along with the required snow days built it. However, there are differences between the two, such as one still including a full two weeks for Christmas break and three days for Thanksgiving. When to get in teacher in-service days is going to be the challenge.
• The board approved the separation/resignation of Hugo Arvizo in maintenance. It approved the activity trip request for the sixth-grade outdoor education trip to Granby September 9-11, 2020. It also ratified the YHS FFA trip to the National Western Stock Show in Denver on January 15, and the YHS wrestling trip to Bennett, January 3-4.
• The following donations were accepted: Dennis Mekelburg, $55 for YHS FFA; Kyle Newton, $559 for YHS wrestling, and; Bank of Colorado, $500 for YHS cheer.
• All five board members were in attendance: President Dan Ross, and Lindsey Galleys, Kim Langley, Thomas Holtorf and Duane Brown.