Yuma Art Show results

Amateur Category
Best of Show:
First, Cabernay Wheeler, Transformed.
Second, Leona Powell, Dad and Bandit.
Third, Jennifer Henry, Loves You.
First, Cabernay Wheeler, Transformed.
Second, Taryn Hisam, Pumpkin.
Third, Taryn Hisam, Pink Flower.
Fourth, Taryn Hisam, Moon Flower.
First, Gail Ardueser, The Root of Evil.
Color Pencil:
First, Cindy Knight, Halloween Pumpkins.
Fiber Arts:
First, Jennifer Henry, Loves You.
Second Place Tie, Jennifer Henry, Loves you; Kelly Blecha, Pokokelly.
Third, Jennifer Henry, Faith Works.
First, Vicky Walz, Going Home.
First, Leona Powell, Dad and Bandit.
Second, Leona Powell, Clouds After Rain.
Third, Leona Powell, Bandit.
Black & White Photography:
First, Leona Powell, Bandit and Bailey.
Advanced Category
Best of Show:
First, Brandon Aagesen, La Mujer de Muerte.
Second, Brandon Aagesen, Money Rose.
Third, Michelle Weatherbee, Self Portrait.
First, Michelle Weatherbee, Self Portrait.
Second, Cheryl Mekelburg, Chaos Over Blue.
Third, Cheryl Mekelburg, Floral on Green Background.
Fourth, Cheryl Mekelburg, Lavender Showers.
Alcohol Ink:
First, Brandon Aagesen, La Mujer de Muerte.
Second, Brandon Aagesen, Mr. and Mrs.
Third, Brandon Aagesen, Money Rose.
Fourth, Brandon Aagesen, My HEAD’s a Fishbowl.
Fabric Art:
First, Michelle Weatherbee, Needle Felted Wool.
Jewelry Art:
First, Wayne Herrick, Peridot and Turquoise.
Second, Wayne Herrick, Amazonite.
Mixed Media:
First, Teresa Roubideaux, Barn Scene.
Second, Linda Chabot, Mountain Blossoms.
Third, Brandon Aagesen, Sad Story.
Fourth, Cheryl Mekelburg, Joy in the Morning.
Oil Painting:
First, Ryan King, Mountains.
Pencil Drawings:
First, Brandon Aagesen, Brenton.
Pastel Drawing:
First, Linda Chabot, Baadlands of South Dakota.
Photo – Original:
First, Christi Herrick, Secret Gate.
Second, Christi Herrick, Continual Miracle.
Third, Christi Herrick, Old ford in the Meadow.
Fourth, Christi Herrick, Yucca and Prairie Grass.
First, Francisco Sanche, Playing.
Second, Francisco Sanche, Cowboy.
First, Linda Chabot, Mountain Dream.
Professional Category
Best of Show:
First, Dianna Cummins, Belgium Draft Horse.
Second, Cindy Musgrave, Family Photo Shoot.
Third, Sara Bledsoe, Mountain Horses.
First, Travis Roubideaux, Study of Van Gogh Flowers.
Second, Travis Roubideaux, Flowers.
Third, Sue LeRette, Barn Found.
Fourth, Travis Roubideaux, Diamond Doodles.
Alcohol Ink:
First, Cindy Musgrave, Color in the Grass.
Second, Kristin Allen, Marigold.
Third, Kristin Allen, Cosmos.
Fourth, Kristin Allen, Sunflower.
Black and White Photography:
First, Travis Roubideaux, Panoramic Badlands.
Mixed Media:
First, Sara Bledsoe, Mountain Horses.
Second, Linda Schutte, End of the Day.
Third, Margie Chance, Winter on the Farm.
Fourth, Leta Smith, Family.
Oil Paintings:
First, Dianna Cummins, Belgium Draft Horses.
Second, Cindy Musgrave, Bear Lake.
Third, Lu Lillich, Geranium Leaves.
Fourth, Dianna Cummins, Mules.
Pastel Drawing:
First, Cindy Musgrave, Family Photo Shoot.
Second, Patti Bohall, Banked Gold.
Third, Sara Bledsoe, Scarlett and Cherries.
Fourth Place Tie, Patti Bohall, Three Pears; Lu lillich, Falling Leaves.
Photography – Enhanced:
First, Zach Chapman, Korean Friendship Bell.
Second, Zach Chapman, Colt.
Third, Zach Chapman, Through Her Eyes.
Fourth, Zach Chapman, On Solid Rock I Stand.
Print Intaglio:
First, Will Ross, Cambodia.
Second, Will Ross, Laos.
Third, Will Ross, Mexico-Yukatan.
First, Cindy Musgrave, Stocker Lake.
Second, Leta Smith, Early.
Third, Leta Smith, Moonrise.
Wood Creations:
First, Rik Chance, Zither.