Yuma fifth, sixth grade to remain remote next week; bus update

Yuma’s fifth and sixth grades moved to remote learning this past Monday, November 23, after confirmation of two new COVID-19 cases in the Yuma Middle School community.

The impact of quarantine requirements on the staff necessitated going to remote learning through Friday, December 4. The students are scheduled to return to in-person instruction on December 7.
Many of the Yuma High School students currently on remote learning are scheduled to return to in-person instruction after the Thanksgiving break.
Yuma School District-1 is now requiring all students who ride a bus to wear a mask while on the bus.
The requirement began this past Monday, November 23, due to the increase of COVID-19 cases, and in line with the district’s efforts to minimize quarantines in order to continue in-person instruction.
Transportation Supervisor Jeanne Yenter reported that there still is crowding on the buses related to in-town service, so Yuma buses will only transport students to a licensed daycare provider. A student’s bus stop is determined by their home address. Yuma-1 buses will deliver students only to the bus stop closest to their home address.
The district asks that if you drive to your child’s bus stop, please pick them up from, or deliver them to school instead. New bus identification cards have been issued. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation. If you have any questions or concerns please contact Jeanne Yenter at 970-848-5749.
It also was announced Monday that due to a driver shortage, the district does not have a driver to cover the morning route for eligible students who ride from Quintech in the 500 block of Albany, and North Columbus. Beginning this past Tuesday, November 24, 2020 until December 7, 2020, parents/guardians are asked to please take your student to school.
However, transportation will be available for the afternoon routes.

Arickaree remote
Arickaree School does not have any new cases of COVID-19, but went to remote learning for grades 6-12 for just this past Monday and Tuesday prior to the Thanksgiving break in an effort to help keep everyone safe.
Preschool through fifth grade continued with in-school instruction.

Otis case
Otis R-3 Superintendent Dave Eastin announced Monday that he is the latest COVID-19 confirmed case among the school community.
He said he is doing fine, though, and the Otis schools remained in in-person instruction. Grades 7-12 returned to in-person instruction this past Monday, after having to go remote on November 18 due to staffing issues.