Yuma youth football teams went undefeated

Yuma’s youth football teams accomplished an impressive feat this fall.
All teams in grades 1-8 went undefeated in their respective leagues, going a combined 26-0.

As reported earlier, the Yuma Middle School junior high dominated the Northeast League, going 7-0 and beating Burlington 24-0 in the championship game. The Outlaws outscored their opponents by a combined 216-28, including four shutouts. The “A” defense gave up only one touchdown all season.
The team was coached by Joseph Oss and assistants JP Carwin, Brett Moser and Cayden Lynch. Oss credited his assistants and the players for the great season.
“This team was very coachable and responded to all the offensive and defensive adjustments the coaching staff threw at them throughout the season,” Oss said. “We will miss the leadership and talent that the eighth-graders brought to our team, but we are looking forward to watching them play on Friday nights.”
The team consisted of Bryan Montes, David Gaytan, Jose Mario Ross, Stevie Seward, Brodie Kalweit, Ty Weathers, Jadiel Diaz, Alexander Weathers, Kevin Tena, Chris Wario, Lief Simms, Jayden Martinez, Braxton Metcalfe, Conner Porter, Eduardo Gonzales, Jaden Munoz, Rafa Rodrigue, Jaxon Wall, Luis Rodriguez, Matthew Anaya, Kai Diaz, Jesus Rodriguez, Alex Castillo, Yandel Solano, Levi Spencer, Haze Sunderhaus, and team managers Orly Lynch, Hailey Nau and Esteban Ovalle.
The younger teams played in the South Platte Youth Football League in Sterling on Saturdays. There is not any official scoring in any of those leagues, but everybody keeps track and the Yuma teams obviously scored more than their opponents in each game.
The fifth- and sixth-grade team went 6-0 in its division. The coaches said the players were hardworking and fun to coach, adding it will be fun to watch them progress through the years.
Grades 5-6 was coached by Brian Black, Tyson Brown, Josh Huwa and Jeremiah Lungwitz.
The team consisted of Adriel Varela, Beckett Nighswonger, Brayden Mendoza, Bryson Whitehead, Chaypin Nicklas, Finnley Monk, Gabe Leonhardt, Max Brown, Sebastian Vasquez, Troidon Allen, Adam Vasquez, Drayden Black, Jagger Lungwitz, Kyce Huwa, Liam Glanz, Presley Kellison, Sergio Miramontes and Thatcher Gardner.
Yuma grades 3-4 also went 6-0 in its SPYFL division. It was another hardworking and deep group that kept making plays throughout the season. The team was coached by Nick Baucke, Kyle Sprouse, Zach Diaz.
The players were Conor Alvarez, Cooper Sprouse, Corbin Keefe, Cooper Heberlein, Miles Monk, Merrick Doyle, Boone Seward, Camden Rayl, Charlee Lungwitz, Kason Baucke, Broderick Diaz, Tenoch Trejo Perez, Ryder Croissant, Robert Griego Jr. and Miguel Sanchez.
And finally there were the first and second graders in the SPYFL flag football league. That team went 7-0, scoring plenty while allowing only a handful of touchdowns by their opponents. The team was coached by Casey English, Jamie Unger, Heath Roundtree and Jeremy Blach.
The players were Steele Galles, Knox Seward, Harvin Unger, Cooper Coughlin, Jeremiah Lebsock, Kashton Blach, Stryker Baucke, J.W. Roundtree, Liam Diaz, Grayson English, Moses Monk, Arlo Unger, Brogan Richardson, Decker Baucke, and Greyson Baucke.
While past performance does not guarantee future success, it seems at least that a solid foundation has been laid. Besides you have to enjoy every step of the journey, and this fall was definitely a memorable one.