Autism center making progress

From the Armstrong Family:
Thank you to Barb Adolf for donating this handmade beautiful quilt to the J.AM. Foundation that was auctioned off at your Estate Auction. The quilt was purchased by Marvena Nau, which was donated back and auctioned again, then purchased by Tonya Flemister and the Armstrongs. The quilt raised $2000. Thank you to John from Schaffner Auction/U.S. Land office Llc for a great job.

Your generous gift to the J.A.M. Foundation will be used towards building the J.A.M. Enrichment Center. We are thrilled to have your support. Through donations and cooperation with the community we are one step closer to building a center for the treatment for Autism and other related disorders and continue working towards meeting the needs of children with these disorders and their families. You truly make the difference for us, and we are extremely grateful!
We will start the construction on the building as soon as our permit from CDOT is granted for a driveway off of Hwy 59. At the present time we are renting rooms at the Yuma NJC Building but will out grow that faculty soon. Autism and Development Disabilities and Monitoring Network reports autism prevalence has increased 178% since 2000. They estimate 1 out of 37 boys and 1 in 151 girls are diagnosed with autism in the United States. It is the fastest growing serious developmental disability in the U.S. We have had steady request for services in the Yuma and surrounding communities.
There is no known cure for autism, thousands of children have shown significant improvement from early diagnosis and use of effective intervention. We have seen this, significant improvement, in our two Grandsons who have had ABA therapy for autism over the last couple years. Unfortunately, it meant moving the family to Ft Collins to receive such services. We have been fortunate to partner with a company, Consultants for Children, Inc, a unique group striving to meet the individual and varying needs of children with autism and other developmental disabilities as well as their families, making it possible for our Grandsons to return to Yuma.
Consultants for Children, Inc, is made up of a diverse group of professionals, they have created a well-rounded team to meet the needs of the clients. They also offer Registered Behavioral Technician training to individuals here in the area which has made it possible to provide services to Yuma and surrounding communities, with In-Home programs as well as programs at the center. We are working with local school districts, Health Care professionals and other programs in the area to help meet the needs of the clients.
Anyone needing more information on the Autism Center or wish to make a donation please call Sue Armstrong 970-630-3269.