Cat Rescue Out in the Sticks grand opening

A Cat Rescue Out in the Sticks, will have a grand opening garage donation sale on Saturday in Eckley.
It will be on the corner of 423 SE Porter and Washington Street.
Founders Susan Couch and Cheryl Rogers invites everyone to come by and check out the shelter and the kittens. A Cat Rescue Out in the Sticks has been a 501(c)3 nonprofit since 1921, allowing them to have access to grants and tax-free donations.
Couch and Rogers began down this path several years ago by feeding stray cats. The colony grew, and they started noticing kittens getting sick, and it was proving challenging to save them.
Rogers was the Eckley town clerk at the time in 2018, and Pam Stiner from Fort Morgan called asking if Eckley would host an Animal Planet spay neuter clinic with Dr. Jeff Rocky Mountain Vet. She took it to the Eckley Board of Trustees, which had no problem with it, and the Eckley Volunteer Fire Department agreed to having it take place in the Fire Hall.
Thanks to Stiner loaning traps and carriers, they were able to trap 21 kittens from their colony to be spay neutered. After that event, they saw healthier kittens, and less sick babies, while continuing to spay and neuter as they could afford to.
Other people started calling them about their unwanted kittens, as well as those who wanted to help. It is difficult for most people to afford spay neutering and getting vaccinations for multiple kittens.
Rogers and Couch started looking into forming a non-profit, and with the help from Stiner of paying the legal fee, A Cat Rescue Out in the Sticks gained non-profit status two years ago.
They provide services thanks to donations through Facebook, food donations and donations by local stores.
In the first half of 2023, they have taken in 69 cats and kittens. Eight have been adopted out,and seven have been transferred to other facilities. The non-profit has spay neutered and vaccinated 18 pets for people. Fifteen kittens also have bee lost to disease and illness.
They can only do it with the help and support of the local communities, so get on out A Cat Rescue Out in the Sticks new shelter in Eckley on Saturday.