City Hall, library closer to reopening

The Yuma City Council voted during a special meeting on May 27 to rescind a resolution passed earlier in May stating the city would stick with the state’s Safer at Home plans.
By rescinding the resolution, the city automatically came under the jurisdiction of the Yuma County variance, which had been approved a few days earlier.

Now the city is getting close to reopening its buildings.
City Manager Scott Moore said the hope is to open City Hall on Monday, but that was not set in stone yet as of earlier this week. He said the city has a plan for opening City Hall that will need approval by the Yuma County Task Force — consisting of local government and hospital leaders from throughout the county. He said he thought the task force’s next meeting is Friday, at which point the plan will be presented.
The city also has a plan for opening the Yuma Public Library. That plan also will go before the task force, and if approved, the library also likely will open Monday.
Both buildings will have certain requirements and protocols in place when they do open. The particulars will be available after the plans are approved.
As for the Yuma Community & Enrichment Center, Moore said the plan for reopening it has not been completed yet. That likely will be done a week or so later, and Moore stressed there are some events planned for the center later in the summer.
The city also is working on a plan for reopening the Yuma Public Swimming Pool. Moore said the city is closer to getting that plan finalized, and then take it to the task force for approval. He said the pool is ready to go when the time comes to open.