Commissioners talk roads and much more

On March 31, 2023 the Yuma County Board of County Commissioners convened for a regular meeting. Chairman Scott Weaver, Commissioner Mike Leerar, and Commissioner Adam Gates were present.
Road and Bridge Supervisor Tom Andersen and Blade Foreman Justin Lorimer met with the Commissioners to discuss departmental updates. Andersen presented an update on the Fleet Intelligence program regarding the reports being built to help better monitor the roads being maintained. The group also discussed the process of internal promotions, and creating an action plan for training, responsibility and the growth plan for interim employees.
Lorimer presented updates on current road projects and issues they’re facing with roads retaining water from the excessive saturation we have received.
The Department of Human Services was heard with operational updates. Present to provide updates were Bookkeeper Melanie Fisher, Child Welfare & Adult Protection Supervisor Hollie Hillman, Human Services Director Kara Hoover and Attorney Ray Ann Brammer.
CDL Testing Unit Manager, Thomas Morgan joined the Commissioners to give them an update on the new Vehicle Modernization Test. Updates to Yuma County’s testing site will have to be done in order to stay compliant with the changes coming.
Land Use Administrator, Brandi Ritchey conducted Land Use Hearings, during which the following Lot Line Adjustment was approved for Kent and Kristi Minor in Section 35, Township 4 South, Range 43 West. Exemption from Subdivisions were approved for Robert Harding in Section 13, Township 2 North, Range 48 West; Ronald Ridnour in Section 3, Township 1 North, Range 44 West, and Micah and Jackie Seyler in Section 4, Township 5 South, Range 46 West.
Undersheriff, Larry Gilliland met with Commissioners to discuss various departmental updates, including a bid for a 2024 Tahoe to be reviewed for purchase in 2024. The group also discussed current wages and recruiting issues for the Patrol Staff.
CSU Extension Agents, Travis Taylor, Joy Akey, Jolynn Midcap, Carmen Murray and Trent Hollister joined the Commissioners to discuss the salary schedule for current and a potential new hire, along with re-organizing office structure to accommodate staffing needs.
Yuma County Fair Queen Coordinators Michelle Smith and Kaci Porter, Fair Queen Shyla Hatch and Lady in Waiting Jordlynn Wilfang joined the Commissioners to update the board on upcoming spring and summer events. The board approved the Fair Queen’s annual sponsorship, along with a sponsorship for patches for the horse blankets.
Brandi Ritchey, Yuma County Administrator, provided various operational updates. The Commissioners approved various agreements for operational needs including the Commissioners Redistricting Timeline, Title VI Policy and Plan, Omni Council Administration Contract, Yuma County acting as a fiscal agent, and salary authorization and job description for the County Administrator position. Ritchey also discussed updates on the transition to VOIP phone systems, Eastern Transportation Planning Region, discussion of business undertaken by the 911 Authority Board and review of the 2023-2024 Court Security Grant. The Commissioners held a brief executive session on legal matters.