Darcy Steven Stallings 1987-2021

Darcy Steven Stallings was born March 14, 1987 in Yuma, CO to Charlee and Susan (Baucke) Stallings, the second of three children. He was baptized on February 3, 1988, at St. John Lutheran Church. Darcy passed away doing what he loved on October 21, 2021 responding to a fire call. His devotion to the fire department was inherited from his Grandpa, Dick Stallings. Darcy married Mickie Seaman on December 22, 2012 in Yuma CO. Darcy was a proud dad to two wonderful children; Owen Lester, born May 27, 2016 and Keiley Jae, born May 20, 2020.
Darcy graduated from Yuma High School in May 2006 after being an athletic trainer, all four years of high school, where he realized his passion for helping others. He began working for Baucke Electric in 2007 as Ronnie’s right hand man. In January of 2015, he joined his dad in the family business as a diesel mechanic. He was also involved in every aspect of the family’s other businesses; from fixing and maintaining the shop, laundry mat, car wash, and as the official donut quality control officer for Daylight Donuts.
Darcy was an entrepreneur starting back in high school mowing lawns with his cousin, Heather and filling his candy machines around town. Darcy picked up his neighbor, Cassie Powell, and took her to school every morning. One morning Cassie was late (taking too long putting on her makeup) and Darcy grounded her for a week from his complimentary rides. This grounding only lasted a couple of days and the experience may have given him the idea for making money with a limousine service. Over the years he also hauled metal, ran his table and chairs business, and his tree moving business. If you knew Darcy, you knew he was always on the go, working hard, rarely sitting to relax; contemplating new business opportunities. His proposed last business venture would’ve been a pumpkin patch complete with zip lines, corn pit, kiddie train and a big slide. Wonder who he learned that from?
Darcy loved helping people and his community. Darcy was a 10 year member of 4-H and FFA. He was on the fair board for 11 years, served as the superintendent of the hog barn for 7 years and was recently elected as the Vice President. He spent every waking minute at the fairgrounds during fair week, making sure everything was running smoothly. He also took pride in being a volunteer fire fighter for the last 9 years. He considered the firefighters his brothers and would drop everything to make sure the fire hall and trucks were maintained and ready to go. He and his co-worker, a fellow fireman (Treat Heberlein), finished servicing all 10 vehicles the morning of the accident. Other things that brought joy to his life were competing in draft horse events with his good friend Max Warfelli, participating in Fireman’s races, spending time at Seaman’s lodge in Alaska and working on the never-ending house projects.
Darcy touched everyone he met, especially his family. He made it a priority to spend time with Mickie and his kids. They took weekend trips to Denver to go the zoo and museum, various pumpkin patch adventures, along with a memorable Maui honeymoon and Yellowstone road trip. He also loved traveling with his friends and family; some of the most memorable trips were to the National Final Rodeos, Alaska, Nashville, Wisconsin, San Diego, Moab and numerous lake trips.
His cousin, Adam Glanz, at an early age, nicknamed him “Dirt” and he never outgrew it. If you ever had a problem or a project that needed done, Darcy was the first to jump in and help. It did not matter how dirty or sticky, he was happy to step up. He always seemed to have the right tool or equipment that was needed. Darcy was the center of family camping trips, and had it all from tents, to tools, to the skills. Some joked he was the “camping drill sergeant” but really he just had his ways about doing things.
Darcy is survived by wife Mickie, children Owen and Keiley, parents Charlee and Susan (Baucke) Stallings, sister Libbie (Chad) Schuetz, sister Hanna (JR) Patterson, Grandma Wynona Stallings, honorary grandparents Joe and Deanna Rice, in-laws Rodney and Becky Seaman, brother-in-law Mike (Joan) Seaman, brother-in-law Mason, nieces and nephews Alex, Kyle, and Novalee Schuetz; Cooper, Bex, Cambria, and Oaklie Seaman; Sydney and Madison Seaman; God parents Marlene Miller and Jacque Armagost, along with dozens of aunts, uncles, and cousins.
Preceded in death by Grandparents Harlan and Roylynn Baucke, Richard Stallings, Lester and Myrna Scruby, Lillian Seaman, Emmett and Lorraine Seaman, and baby Esther Seaman.
Services were held Tuesday Oct 26, 2021 at 2:00 at the Yuma County Fair Grounds. Memorial contributions may be made to the family, to establish educational funds for Owen and Keiley.
To honor Darcy’s memory, consider performing random acts of kindness.