Facility outbreak spikes the YC COVID cases

Yuma County has experienced a steep rise in COVID-19 cases the past two weeks reportedly due to an outbreak at an unidentified facility.
The county went about two weeks earlier in May with zero cases, the first time that had occurred in about one year.
However, Yuma County had 60 estimated active cases as of this past Tuesday, with 39 new confirmed cases over the past seven days, according to the data dashboard at nchd.org. The county has had 60 new confirmed cases over the past 14 days, as of this past Tuesday.
However, none of the neighboring counties have experienced the same surge. Washington County had three cases, Sedgwick County one and Phillips County zero.
The Northeast Colorado Health Department told the Pioneer via an email request that the increase in Yuma County was due to a current outbreak at a facility.
It was noted there are no severe symptoms nor hospitalizations, and that the impacted facility was following all guidance.