High humidity in The Pit keeps it off limits

The Pit at Yuma High School is dealing with a bit of a humidity problem.
It was unclear as of earlier this week if the venerable gymnasium would be available for the volleyball team’s home opener Saturday against the Sidney Red Raiders. If not, the matches likely will be played in the auxiliary gym.
Chad Rayl of CMR Management, who assists Yuma School District-1 with various projects, said the rainy summer has led to higher humidity within The Pit. It has impacted the wood floor, causing some planks to bow up some.
Humidifiers were placed on the floor, and have been working full-time, pulling the water out of the air and the wood. Rayl said the new HVAC system that went online a couple of weeks ago is a big help as it also is pulling the moisture out of the air and dispersing it outside. He said the condenser with the rooftop HVAC unit is constantly releasing water.
The wood floor will level out again as the humidity is lowered. The hope was the floor would be in good enough shape to play on by Thursday. However, it was determined it still is not usable, so the YHS volleyball team will play its home opener Saturday in the auxiliary gym.