Mascot Madness nearing the Final 4

Yuma School District-1’s Mascot Madness is now into the quarterfinals.
The remaining eight mascot hopefuls were released Tuesday morning, following last week’s Sweet 16 voting.
Squaring off this week are:
• Yotes/Coyotes vs. Outlaws;
• Pioneers vs. Threshers;
• Bison vs. Raptors;
• Aggies vs. Hawks;

Voting closes Friday at 12 noon, with the winners advancing to next week’s Final Four. Once again, one can go to or the district’s Facebook page to access the Google form and submit your votes. Or you can email your choices to [email protected], or deliver your votes to the District Office at 1115 S Ash St.
A total of 1,285 ballots were cast last week. Eliminated were Cyclones, Vipers, Storm/Red Storm, Stallions, Antelopes/Lopers, Wildcats, Yuma Nation and Yetis.
Yotes/Coyotes beat Cyclones 565-415, with 305 ballots left blank.
Outlaws beat Vipers 758-343, with 184 left blank.
Pioneers topped Storm/Red Storm 556-446, with 263 left blank.
Threshers beat out Stallions 554-388, with 343 left blank.
Bison knocked out Antelope/Lopers 656-288, with 341 left blank.
Raptors beat Wildcats 553-408,with 324 left blank.
Aggies sent Yuma Nation packing 537-503, with 245 left blank.
Hawks beat Yetis 549-451, with 285 ballots left blank.