Masked mandate sends workouts outside

Colorado Governor Jared Polis’ executive order mandating wearing masks in all indoor public spaces has had an impact on workouts and practices at Yuma High School.

It was announced over the weekend that all student/athletes going to the morning workouts in the weight room would have to wear masks for the duration.
YHS Athletic Director Michael Dischner told the Pioneer it did impact attendance at Monday morning’s workouts. He said some groups moved outside for their drills.
Four YHS sports have been utilizing the gymnasium area for evening practices, volleyball, boys and girls basketball, and wrestling.
All four coaches told the Pioneer they are moving their practices outside. Boys basketball coach Dave Sheffield noted it was not feasible to wear a mask the whole time playing basketball, so players gathered at City Park, Tuesday night.
Coach Jenny Noble was the first to move outdoors, having her volleyball team practice Monday night at the sand courts at City Park.
Coach Jeremy Robinson planned to have an outdoor practice tonight, July 23.
Those three teams at least have outdoor courts to utilize.
Wrestling cannot really place any mats outside near the school. Coach Kyle Newton said they were just going to move their Tuesday night practices outside and simply do workouts.
The football, softball and baseball teams already have been holding their evening practices outdoors, so are not affected by the mask mandate.