YHS sports will stay in same classifications for 2020-22 cycle

Yuma High School’s sports teams and activities will remain in the same classifications for the 2020-22 two-year cycle.
CHSAANow.com released the enrollment numbers and classification ranges last week.
The CHSAA database has YHS’s enrollment at 232.

That keeps YHS safely within the ranges for all the sports that have five classifications, in which Yuma will remain in Class 2A.
Volleyball is the one that comes the closest to the upper end of 2A as that sport’s range for 2A is 92-254.
The range for 2A baseball is 101-330; for boys and girls basketball it is 91-270, and; boys and girls track 105-318.
Yuma will remain in 1A in football as that enrollment range is 153-350.
Yuma will still be 2A in four-classification sports cross country (1-320), and boys wrestling (1-296).
YHS also has teams in sports with three or less classifications. The Indians are in 3A in boys and girls golf (1-742), and softball (1-662).
There is just one classification for girls wrestling.
Yuma is in 2A for Spirit (1-270), and 2A in Music (88-271).
The area’s smaller schools, such as Lone Star, Otis, Liberty, Idalia and Arickaree are safely within 1A parameters, even when co-opting with other schools for sports, such as Liberty and Arickaree do.
A list of enrollment range cutoffs splits are used to determine classifications in the 2020-22 two-year cycle. These numbers were set by the Classification, League Organizing and Appeals Committee.
Note that under bylaw 1500.21, teams are placed into classifications using a variety of factors, including — but not limited to — enrollment.