No Old Threshers in 2020

It is official, the 40th version of the Old Threshers Show has been postponed in 2020 and instead will be held September 10-12, 2021.
Tim Stulp, director of Old Threshers Group, released the following statement earlier this week:

“As Old Threshers continues the process of getting ready for the 40th Show, Covid-19 has become a major player in our decisions and our lives. Old Threshers’ strongest resource is it’s people, our dedicated volunteers who contribute endless hours of work, and our supporters whom without we would not have a show. We are genuinely concerned with everyone’s wellbeing and safety. We must abide by the Governor’s Public Health Orders, Yuma County’s Variance regulations, and the City of Yuma’s revised restrictions.
Most of our volunteers are considered “Vulnerable Individuals,” many of our spectators and supporters are in the 65+ club. Social distancing enforcement, mask requirements, hand washing, sanitizing stations correct placement, and “Non-Critical Activity” statistics, all make it difficult to pursue our 2020 show. Our meat processing is in jeopardy, the Tractor pullers have considered canceling their trip to our show, having groups of 100 or less, and many of our non-resident exhibitors and venders have shown reluctance in coming, which would all add to the difficulty in putting on a 2020 show.
During these changing times, while we cannot see what the requirements will be in September, our discussions must be made on today’s rules. With wheat binding time just around the corner, vacation times being made, and countless activities to plan, the 2020 Old Threshers 40th Show has been postponed until September 10th, 11th, & 12th, 2021.
This postponement does not come easy and was difficult for all involved in Old Threshers. As the people and machines of the past fade away, all that remains are memories. Old Threshers is devoted to preserving these memories and passing them on to future generations. We all must stay safe and healthy to complete these tasks.”