Rahe is B of C’s Teacher of the Year

Yuma Middle School teacher Joshua Rahe recently was recognized as the Teacher of the Year from the Bank of Colorado’s Yuma branch.
Following is the nomination letter written by YMS Principal Tonya Rodwell.

May 5, 2022 Dear Selection Committee: It is my pleasure to nominate Mr. Joshua Rahe for the Teacher of the Year Award on behalf of the Yuma Middle School.
Mr. Rahe has been in education for over 20 years where he spends countless hours teaching English Language Arts to middle school students. Josh has spent the majority of his teaching career in Northeastern Colorado, five of those here in Yuma.
This is first year I have had the opportunity to work with Josh as his direct supervisor, but throughout the year I have witnessed his professionalism in and out of the classroom. He develops integrated lessons to meet the needs of all students.
Outside to the classroom, Josh helps coach youth and high school basketball. During these times, Mr. Rahe models teamwork, integrity, and respect for the game as well as opponents. Josh is one of the first volunteers to help with extra duties, look through curriculum, and mentor new teacher candidates. He has a calm, yet commanding presence that draws colleagues and students to want to work with him.
Since this is teacher appreciation week, I sent the following note out to staff. I believe this sums up Mr. Rahe as a professional: Every now and then, a person with no agenda, no ulterior motive and no self-interest will take pleasure in helping you to succeed, grow, and live your purpose. This person will operate in love, will seek no praise, and will want nothing in return. This person is a gift. ‘Author Unknown.
Mr. Rahe is a gift to the student, staff, and community of Yuma Middle School.