Vera Marie Hahn 1930-2021

Vera Marie was born July 7, 1930, five miles south of Schram Colorado, to Charles Elmer Hall and Vera Mae Scott Hall. Marie passed away peacefully on February 9th, 2021.
Marie was the eldest of three girls. Her sisters, Hazel and Fern, were born during The Great Depression and the Dust Bowl. Being raised in this era, shaped Marie into the woman that we all knew and loved.
Marie spoke of memories, such as moistening flour sacks to place along the window sills to keep the dirt out of the house, and helping her mother in the garden over the hill. They learned to utilize the sparse rainwater filtered through sand on the hillside ensuring the family had plenty of vegetables. She also shared memories from early schooling at Mt. Hope Country School, a mile south of the farmhouse. She remembered watching her father play baseball at Heartstrong baseball field, potluck’s with neighbor families, and her mother making clothing out of flour sacks. Marie and her sisters caught rheumatic fever in their early childhood which ultimately affected their heart health for the rest of their lives.
Marie attended Yuma High School graduating in1948. She and many of her classmates married that summer. She joined the Catholic Church, and was wed on July 14, 1948 to Maurice Hahn. Like many of the other young couples in the Yuma area, the men farmed and worked together while growing their young families. Maurice and Marie followed suit adding five young children; Rodney (1949), Angela (1950), Dennis Jerome “Jerry” (1952), Janet (1954) and Michelle “Missy” was born on Halloween (1957).
Along with raising young children, Marie had many other duties such as raising chicks each spring for their meat and eggs, growing vegetables in the garden, clipping the elm hedges, cooking for family, harvest help, corn-shelling crews, and keeping Maurice and his rowdy friends in line. In 1955 during the polio epidemic, Rodney fell ill requiring hospitalization at Children’s Hospital in Denver for 14 days. This was a time of trial and strength for Marie and her young family, as she helped him through every step of his recovery while maintaining other family duties. Marie was a very talented seamstress, sewing clothing for her children through high school. She made the boys shirts, and girls dresses to wear to school and special events including proms. She continued to have a passion for sewing and quilting throughout her life.
One of the most chaotic times for Marie (and Maurice) was from June 1972 to May 1973. In the span of 12 months, four of her children were married. Marie sewed three wedding dresses for Janet, Angie, and Lila. She also sewed Rod’s wedding shirt, made bridesmaid and flower girl dresses, and hosted receptions for all four of the weddings. In 1976 Marie sewed Missy’s wedding dress and bridesmaid and flower girl dresses.
Marie experienced great loss in the early 1980s with the passing of her mother (Vera), her son (Jerry) and granddaughter (Dawn) in a very short period of time.
Through the years, there were many times of joy and sometimes of sorrow, there were times of peace and times of chaos, but she continued to find passion in her life by caring for others.
Marie expressed her love of family and friends by sewing quilts for family and friends at special events including children’s weddings, grandchildren’s weddings, great grandchildren’s births, high school and college graduations. She also made friendship quilts with neighbors and friends to share. After years of hard work and delicate sewing her aging and less nimble fingers couldn’t complete all her desired projects. Marie still had at least five quilts cut but not sewn at her passing.
For many decades, Marie was actively involved with the Altar and Rosary Society at St. John’s Catholic Church. She organized athletic banquets, pre-game dinners for football, funeral luncheons and other fundraising meals to help finance the good work of the ladies of the Parrish.
Marie also gave both her time and talents to the Yuma community for many years. She started as a volunteer, became the manager and organized the Yuma Community Cupboard. Ultimately, she took over running the Cupboard, and spearheaded the move downtown to the West side of Main Street. She and her sister, Hazel along with many other volunteers, sorted, priced, and sold donated clothing for community members to purchase. She helped with food drives and food distribution to members of the Yuma community in need. Her children and grandchildren have fond memories of joining her at the store to help with the never-ending duties. She was extremely humbled and honored to receive the 1993 Yuma Citizen of the Year Award in recognition for her philanthropy. The plaque honoring her was displayed on the wall at Hillcrest Care Center where she spent her last two years. It was something that brought her great pride.
After retiring from farming, Marie saw the world traveling with Maurice. They spent time in many different countries and the United States, sight-seeing, and fishing. They also enjoyed visiting farm operations across the globe. They enjoyed cruising down the Amazon, Panama Canal, and Chinese Yangtze River together along with others. She said her two favorite trips were cruises that included the entire family traveling to the Bahamas and Disney World in 1990 and to Mexico and Honduras in 2000. The trip in 2000 included 35 family members who joined in on the fun.
Marie’s heart health ultimately declined in the early 2000’s, a requiring heart valve replacement and pacemaker. She was able to continue to live at home with Maurice with help from Rod and Lila until 2010 when Maurice required more care. She continued to reside in their home in Yuma until 2018 when she had a fall fracturing her leg. After recovery she moved into Hillcrest Care Center in Wray Colorado where she spent her final two years. After adjusting to not being able to walk any longer she thrived in her new environment. She was constantly tooling in her wheelchair along the hallways to visit friends, visit the knick-knack store, going to rehab to use the bike, and participate in activities in the dining area.
Marie was preceded in death by her loving husband of 62 years Maurice Hahn, her parents Charles Elmer Hahn, Vera Mae Scott, sisters Fern Younger, and Hazel Wilshusen, son Dennis Jerome (Jerry) Hahn, granddaughter Dawn Marie Lockhart, sons-in-law Lynn White and Doug Lockhart, brothers-in-law Mark Nielsen, Kenny Wilshusen, Clete Younger, Pete Schiel, Harvey Hahn, Stanley Hahn, sisters-in-law Nila Schiel, and Ann Hahn, niece Laura Fessendon, great nephew Trenton Fessendon
Marie is survived by her children Rodney and Lila Hahn of Colorado, Angela Lockhart and Jim Maxey of Florida, Sandy Hahn of Wyoming, Janet and Chas St. George of Alaska, and Michelle White of Texas.
Surviving grandchildren: Karianne Donnelson (Karl) (CO), Kindra Davis (Justin) (CO), Jerry Hahn (Sara) (CO), Heidi Williams (Tom) (TX), Jason Hahn (MT), Thad Hahn (Brenda) (KS), Levi Hahn (Laura) (AK), Kassandra Warhus (Jake) (KY), Tara Seibert (Ryan) (AK), Joseph Metzler (Hollie) (AK), Katheryn Lindgren (Scott) (TX), and Jessica White (TX)
Surviving Great Grandchildren: Kody, Siena, Madilyn, Arabella, Hailey, Stella, Silas, Austin, Sidney, Zach, (Lexie), Nicholas, Riley, (Chase), Chase, Logan, Madison, Jaden, Cameron
Surviving Great-Great Grandchildren: Bella and Sam
Tuesday, February 16, a committal service was held at the Baucke Funeral Chapel. Marie was laid to rest next to her husband, Maurice and son, Jerry, in the Yuma Cemetery. Services and arrangements provided by Baucke Funeral Home in Yuma Colorado.