Wild weather swing

Yuma might have come close to record highs, and maybe even record lows, during a wild swing in the weather, last week.
Seven of the first eight days in September featured high temperatures above 90.
It was particularly hot early last week, with a high of 95 on Labor Day, September 5, then a high of 101 on Tuesday, September 6, a high of 99 on Wednesday, September 7 and a high of 100 on Thursday, September 8. It is not known yet if any of those highs set a new record, but it definitely was near-record heat if nothing else.
Last Thursday was particularly miserable as the 100-degree high was accompanied by a brisk wind.
However, that wind was a precursor to a cold front moving into the region.
Friday’s high was only 64 degrees, a drop of 36 degrees from the previous day.
It cooled off even more on Saturday as the high was just 56, and a light mist fell for most of the morning. It produced just 2/100ths of an inch of moisture, however.
The temperatures began warming up again on Sunday, and the high was back to 90 on Monday, and 92 on Tuesday. However, the forecast called for highs in the low 80s late in the week, and much-cooler temperatures are expected to move in the middle of next week.
The first day of Autumn is September 22, when the high is supposed to be 63.