YDHC close to having new CEO

Yuma Hospital District might have an agreement with a new CEO sometime this week.

A search update as presented by YDH Board of Directors Mitch Korf, last week during the board’s regular monthly meeting. Also at the meeting were Monica King, Delaina Klein and De Ann Sewell. Robert Dorothy was absent.

It appears YDH is in negotiations with Anne Kreutzer. She was one of three finalists interviewed by the board last month, the other two being Judd Dawson and Eric Connell.

The district has conducted its search through AMN. Korf told the board that AMN’s work is now completed. He said he thought the search firm did a nice job for the district.

Korf reported that the district is close to finalizing negotiations on an actual contract, and the process is on track for a start date of May 1. King said the board would have a separate meeting, maybe this week, if Kreutzer accepts the contract.

The board then held an executive session to further discuss the negotiations.

The board and administrative staff covered several topics during last week’s meeting, including more discussion on infrastructure updates on the 17-year-old Yuma District Hospital & Clinics facility.

Schneider Electric had provided a presentation on energy-efficient upgrades during the February board meeting. A solar system could be installed in the open space north of the facility.

Interim CEO Ted Beckman and the board discussed the need for new rooftop units, control system, the boilers, as well as a new floor in the Emergency Room. Schneider Electric is working through the Colorado Energy Office, helping find grants and funding sources.

An Investment Grade Audit would be the next step, which would lay out the actual figures for the upgrades. The cost is $15,000 to $25,000, but it would be part of the overall package if the district moves forward with Schneider.

Board members asked Beckman last week if there are other companies that also work with the Colorado Energy Office. Klein noted there might be one that provides a better price. Beckman said he was trying to put together that list, but there are 15 or so companies. Klein also asked Beckman to put together a list of priorities.

The board decided it wanted to get more information before moving forward. The Schneider representative has offered to come back out for more visits with the board.

Financial Officer Rick Korf told the board that most departments are doing well, and there is a profit, though there is $160,000 in accounts receivable slowly going through a discounted health care program.

The district has not had to dip anymore at this point into the Raymond James Investment funds. The board had approved at its January meeting to allow up to $2 million in Raymond James Investments funds to be accessed for payroll and day-to-day operations, due to operating at a shortfall of more than $2 million in 2023. A total of $250,000 was accessed in February, going in to general operations, but none since. The board unanimously approved the financial report.

Board members were informed that the scopes used in surgery are nearing the end of their cycles before having to undergo special treatment. The board approved a lease agreement with Olympus for 12 months at zero-percent interest, with a $1 purchase at the end. The monthly lease payments are $2,500.

An update was provided on the lab addressing deficiencies that came up during a survey in January. The hospital now has new pathology services from North Platte, Nebraska. The board was told the lab has a good plan in place is getting to the point where it should be in good shape.

The medical staff appointments/reappointments involved Dr. Jack Westfall, pathologist Mariel Maseburg and OBGYN Michelle Soriano. It was approved on a 4-0 vote. Dr. Soriano will be working out of the center for specialty medicine; the hospital is not resuming deliveries.

The board approved the quarterly policy review update, as well as the Annual Statement of Leadership Commitment for Antibiotic Stewardship, the Annual Statement of Antimicrobial Stewardship appointed leads, and the Annual Infection Prevention and Control Program Appointed Leads.