Yuma County now in Tier 3

Yuma County advanced this week into Tier 3 of the Yuma County Variance.
The Yuma County COVID-19 Task Force voted last Thursday to move to Tier 3 beginning this past Monday.

The main thing with the new phase is allows for gatherings up to 175 people. That applies for outdoor gatherings in public spaces, as well as indoor facilities large enough that 175 is equal to 50 percent of the occupancy. Indoor places such as restaurants, churches and theaters remain at 50-percent occupancy.
Tier 3 also allows for increased utilization of gyms and fitness facilities, as determined by the Task Force.
Tier 3 was the most the state allowed when approving Yuma County’s variance. The task force now is working on next tiers that will be submitted to the state for approval. It will involve plans for opening up even more, as well as address planning for school in the fall.
Yuma County’s move to the next phase comes as all of northeast Colorado has kept down new cases over the past month.
The six counties in the Northeast Colorado Health Department’s region — Yuma, Washington, Phillips, Sedgwick, Logan and Morgan — had a total of 15 active cases of COVID-19 as of this past Tuesday afternoon, according to the data found at nchd.org.
Yuma County had three active cases, Morgan County six and Logan County four; Phillips County one; and Washington County one. Sedgwick County has not had any confirmed cases at all during the pandemic.
Yuma County has had 12 new confirmed cases in June, raising its total to 52 since the first case was announced on March 18. The new cases came during a month in which the county has opened up more through its variance. The county had six new cases in April while under Stay-at-Home orders. It had 32 new cases in May, mostly due to one spike at the end of the month. In fact the county had 11 new cases in May up through May 27, then had 21 new cases reported over the month’s final days.
Logan County has had 14 new cases in June, bringing its total to 71, not counting the outbreak at the Sterling Correctional Facility.
Morgan County has had 23 new cases in June, Phillips County twi new cases, and Washington County three new cases.
That is a total of 54 new cases in June in the six-county northeast Colorado region.

Youth contract COVID-19
Yuma County has had three youth between the ages of 5-9 with confirmed cases of COVID-19. Morgan County has had one case in that age range.
Of Yuma County’s cases, another four have been in the 15-19 range, 22 for ages 20-39, 16 for ages 40-59, and six for ages 60-79. One person between ages 10-14 also had a confirmed case.

Bars closed again
At the state level, Governor Jared Polis on Tuesday afternoon announced the closing of bars again after two consecutive weeks of rising cases in Colorado. Bars were reopened last month. Bars still can offer alcohol to-go or for delivery. Establishments that also serve food can remain open.
Also, Kansas, Colorado’s neighbor to the east, is mandating the wearing of masks beginning at the end of this week.